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Property Management


Property management is managing the relationship between the landlord and tenants and all related issues between. Property manager is responsible, inter alia, for screening and finding the right tenant, signing lease agreement, collecting rent, maintenance of the property and eviction.

There are some property owners and property investors who like to distance themselves from their tenants and all matters related to the landlord-tenant relationship. A property management company acts as the liaison between the owner of the property and the tenant also known as lease.

Other facets to Property management, includes managing finances of the real estate properties, and dealing with contractors and insurance agencies and possible law suit brought in by tenants.

Protect Your Investment

Real property is a big investment and property owners can’t afford not to have a property management company watch for their investment. Whether it is during economical down trend or not, real property investments are extremely important assets for their owners. Hiring a property management company has many advantages, as property management companies can also provide a preventive program which is the key to property owner success. The following factors are from among some of the factors that investors and property owners consider in hiring a property management company:
  • You are busy with your job and your time is limited
  • You own lots of rental units
  • You don’t live near your rental property
  • You have no interest in hands-on management
  • You can not afford to have your property vacant
  • You’re suddenly swamped with management tasks and contacting vendors.
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